Taking Care of Earrings

A lot of people consider buying jewelry as an investment. Since most jewelry is made of gold or set in other precious metals like platinum and silver, this makes it a good investment if you want to start saving up in a different way.  The only setback would be if the cost of the metal suddenly goes down because of a low demand in the market.  

However, this fact should not discourage you from investing on jewelry because over time, it does appreciate its value especially when you chance on a really exquisite piece.  The craftsmanship is also of great importance because this is what will give the jewelry value, aside from the metal and stones that makes it up.

How to Clean Earrings (Photo Credit: wikihow.com)
Because of this, one should learn how to take care of their jewelry pieces. Proper care should be the order of business if you want to conserve the value of the piece.  Of course, one cannot help for the piece to get scratched or the color differ because of long term use however, there are steps that you can do so that you will be able be bring back the glorious sparkle and shine of the important jewelry piece.

The Best Way is to Use Earring Displays


The piece that is most fragile are dangling earrings.  The wire used on this kind of pair is usually lightweight and really thin.  The reason for this is so that it can be placed on and taken off easily without any hassles on the part of the wearer.  The wire used is fragile, thin, soft and can break off easily if not handled with care.  In order to avoid it from getting ruined, you can use an earring rack or a revolving jewelry display case where you can hang the precious things. This way, you are sure that the pair is always together and that the components of the earrings will remain as is during the time of the purchase. There are cases that are purposely made as an earring display.  This is great for those who want their pieces be placed in separate boxes for easy storage.

If you have a set of pearl earrings, it is important to take care of them, especially the pearls. Paying special attention to these babies will surely do you good because it will ensure that you would be able to retain its original luster. Pearls are more fragile than gemstones so one should treat them differently. Rough handling and improper cleaning of the pearl pieces can easily damage your precious possession. It is best to avoid spraying perfume; hairspray and body oils to your pearls as this can damage the coating and its natural protection. It is better to do all your beauty rituals first before putting them on and this pair should be the first thing you remove and placed on your earring display case.

For those that have earrings with precious stones, it is best to keep them inside pouches after using so that you would avoid it from getting scratched.  In order to retain its shine and luster it is recommended that you have them cleaned professionally at least once a year. These experts would know how to best protect and prolong the life of your precious investments.  Taking care of your earrings would ensure that your children and grandchildren will be able to appreciate the investment you did during your younger years.  


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