A Guide to Buying Earrings

If you are looking for a special gift to a special someone, the first thing that comes to mind is usually a piece of jewelry or trinket.  Women appreciate jewelry better than gadgets and other gizmos.  The reason for this is because women see and appreciate the effort extended in purchasing the particular piece of jewelry.  Giving earrings to your loved one is a gallant act to do and there are many choices from the various earring display stands lined up in the jewelry store.  For sure, there would be at least one pair that will make you think that it is the best gift for her.

Photo Credit: thedailygreen.com
On the other hand, there are women who do not sit and wait for their men to go out and buy them a piece or two. These are the clever women who see jewelry as a great investment piece similar to buying a house or a car. Women see jewelry as an investment that they can enjoy while making sure that they are going to turn it into profit when the time comes that it needs to be liquidated.  So it is not uncommon to see women having a lot of earring display stands filled with pairs of earrings, some of which have not been worn at all.

When choosing a pair of earrings for investment, here are a few tips that you can be mindful of when choosing:

  • Make sure that what you get is the real deal – Only go to reputable jewelry stores and shops because you can never be too sure with the others.  These kinds of stores have a reputation and a brand name to take care of so duping the customers in making them think that they are buying real jewelry is the last thing on their minds.
  • Go for those that have stones set into the precious metal – Diamond studs and ruby chandelier earrings are great items that can be purchased as an investment.  Jewelry that is set with precious stones can fetch a higher selling price than those plain looking ones.  It will not be hard for you to liquidate it as people are easily attracted to these kinds of jewelry.
  • Think of the future when buying earrings – Whether or not you will be using it, the best thing to consider is the viability of the item.  Will it be easy to sell when the time comes that you already need the money? If the answer to this question is yes, then it is worth spending your money.
  • When buying diamond earrings, make sure that you know your for C’s.  – Diamonds are one of the famous stones that make it to the earring display on the window merchandise.  It does attract buyers right away but if you have no experience, read up on it or better yet, bring someone along that knows about it when you are going shopping.

Whether it be plain, studded with precious stones or hanging a meter from you ear, earrings are truly one of the easiest things to buy as they are quite affordable. However, you must choose well especially if you meant for it to become a heirloom piece or an investment in your future. Choosing well is the key to getting the most out of your investment. 


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