Tips for Jewelry Display Maintenance

Jewelry needs to be cleaned in a regular schedule for them to retain their beauty and shine. You definitely would not want your necklace display stand, finger shape display or earring holders without luster. The will not reflect well in terms of how others who will see your jewelry collection will think of you. Maybe you will be seen as someone who doesn’t know how to take care of her things. Maybe you’ll be perceived as someone sloppy or doesn’t give importance to cleanliness. Thus, it is highly important to know how to take care of your jewelry to make them look shiny and new as always.
But wait! It’s not only jewelry that needs to be cleaned. Of course, the implements that you use to hold and store them need some maintenance, too. They cannot possibly stay clean and last for years without proper maintenance. They may still be usable, but without proper cleaning, jewelry storage display will not look that attractive anymore. It would be unfortunate to have beautiful jewelry to be stored in cases that look unkempt, or worse, already have detached parts. Time should be set aside for taking out all trinkets to the side so that all the displays would be emptied and cleaned.

 Of course, they can be cleaned by hired professionals, but that would only be an added expense. Besides, cleaning jewelry displays is not such a difficult thing to do. Anyone with the right tools and some know-how can achieve spotless displays that will further enhance the beauty of their jewelry.

One of the more popular ways of cleaning displays for jewelry is by using a vacuum cleaner. This should be very effecting for taking out large dirt and visible dust. When using this piece of equipment look for one that has nozzles that can be attached to the hose so that nooks and crannies of trays can be cleaned as well. Obviously, an industrial strength vacuum cleaner must not be used, or else, the whole display might get ruined!

A number of jewelry displays have surfaces that capture lint and attract tiny dust balls. An effective way to get rid of this problem is by using scotch tape. Of course, this method may take longer and will require a bit more effort, but fingerprints and lint will surely stick to the sticky side of the scotch tape. You just have to wrap around wide scotch tape on your four fingers, making sure the adhesive side is facing outward. The, slide your fingers on the surface of the displays and marvel as the dirt sticks to the tape. This will prove to be a challenge if the surface of the display is uneven, which would make a roll of tape on a single finger more ideal, so that you can get into the smaller corners a thick roll of tape may have difficulty getting into.

See? Jewelry displays are not that difficult to clean, as long as some patience and ingenuity is exercised.


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