Practical Cleaning Solutions for Jewelry Displays

No matter how hard we try to make jewelry and their corresponding displays presentable, they are still subject to wear and tear, not to mention dirt. The thing is, a majority, if not all jewelry sellers make it a point to never forget about the cleanliness of their merchandise and their beautiful necklace display cases, earring holders and jewelry display sets. Thus, clients are always regaled by the sparkle and shine of the jewelry being displayed in stores, booths, and fairs. However, the equipment that holds and presents these pieces can sometimes be ignored, often to regrettable consequences.


After all, who would like to buy jewelry from a company that has dirty displays? The mood of any customer can definitely be affected by how presentable a display is. No matter how pretty a piece of jewelry is, if it is displayed in tacky or worse, unkempt shelves, can turn off any willing customer.  

For jewelry stores with huge budgets, cleaning can easily be done by professionals who have the advanced knowledge and equipment to keep jewelry displays sets spic and span. Obviously, not all businesses have the luxury of hiring expert cleaners, especially if these procedures can be done more economically and without the need to hire third party cleaners.

For practical jewelry collectors and jewelry business owners, here are some tips on how to make these displays looking clean and as good as new:

  • For flat trays and pendant board, use a pet roller.
Pet rollers are a popular piece of equipment among pet owners wanting to avoid the abundance of hairy problems such as fur balls and hairs shed everywhere. For jewelry business owners, pet rollers function like smaller vaccum cleaners, for the purpose of taking out stray hairs, lint, and dirt from flat displays. This piece of equipment does not actually work on displays with a lot of ridges, like trays with compartments. However, for trays that have flat surfaces and contain very few crevices and corners like flat trays and boards for pendants, using a pet roller is recommended.

  •  Finish cleaning the display with a soft damp cloth.

After using a pet roller for displays with few crevices, the process of cleaning off jewelry displays can be done by wiping them using a damp cloth. Take note that scotch tape and mini HVACs can be used for displays with many nooks and crannies. However, please take note that the method of damp cloth cleaning should not be applied to displays with carpet. Doing so will only damage the carpet surface and in some cases, the surface emits a rather nasty odor.

Cleaning one’s own jewelry display can save people a lot of money, not to mention there is no need to deal with other people in the process. At least, when something bad happens to a particular display, the owner can only blame herself instead of other people.


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