Mixing and Matching Gemstones

Jewelry is one of the most fascinating things that a woman can have. It can make or break the outfit when used as an accessory.  It can complete the ensemble that a girl wants to show off, with the sparkling pieces dangling on her ears and bejeweled pieces wrapped around the neck, wrist and fingers.  This is why women put a lot of effort in purchasing these trinkets, as they know the effects that it has on them.

Different Gemstones (Photo Credit: jtv.com)

When purchasing jewelry, the best way to check if a piece is right for you is to try it on.  Sure, those pieces placed on jewelry display stands and cases sure do look attractive by itself but the effect on you would be highlighted if you try on the pieces.  By doing this, you would be able to see the net effect it has on your looks.  For sure the people in the store would not mind letting you try on those pieces especially when they see how keen you are in making a purchase.  You can also ask them for an opinion if the pieces do look good on you but don’t fall easily on their words of praises they would say anything to convince you to purchase these items. It is best to go with your instinct if the pieces do look good on you and are worthy of you money or not.

 For those who love colors and want to do away with the traditional gold, silver or platinum jewelry, gemstones are the best thing to invest on.  Of course, the most popular among the gemstones are diamonds.  We all know that they are considered to be a woman’s best friend as it can make any outfit look even better. It can add the sparkle needed for a plain looking outfit to shine.  As much as diamonds look good on their own, it can still look even better when you match it with other gemstones.

Most store displays take a play on this mixing of gemstones.  Checking out the jewelry display of the store will give you an idea on how to go about this. It does not have to be that you would use jewelry of the same kind like diamonds, or emeralds or sapphires with all the pieces.  You can always get creative with the pieces including the colors. 

You can deal with mixing gemstones in two way:

1. One is to go with those that are coordinating colors like red and yellow or orange and red or blue and violet.  This way, you can wear your opal earrings with a yellow topaz necklace or a ruby bracelet and citrine ring.  
2. The second way is to go with opposing colors.  This way, the colors would stand out especially when your outfit is monochrome.  Orange coral neck pieces placed in necklace display busts in you favorite store can go with blue sapphire earrings.  If you decide to go this path, you know that there are no right or wrong combinations.  It is how you carry yourself that will show people how confident you are no matter what the color of the accessories that you are wearing. 


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