Does Your Gemstone Reflect the Real You?

Stones have been considered to be the “Bones of Mother Earth.”  This is a common item that can be found anywhere and everywhere.  It has played an important part in the history of the humankind. Hunters and shamans have used them as talismans and amulets.  Women of the early ages have used it to decorate their clothes and body almost the same as the way we use it today with colorful stones found by the men.  Because of this, the early people has learned to appreciate the beauty of it, most especially that of those gemstones that are proven to be precious and rare.

It has been said that because of the way these gemstones were treated with reverence and importance that people have associated it with personalities of people.  Most of the gemstones that are used have meanings.  It has also been used for healing with the belief that if you have it with you all the time, you will be emulating what it means.  The evolution of man and the cultural advances that have given birth to legends and lore surrounding these precious pretty stones.

One of the more common charts used for matching gemstones and personalities are with birthstones.  Specific gems are said to be the birthstones of people born on a particular month.  Each month has a birthstone assigned to it.  These gemstones are given meanings with no clear basis at all, which is why the argument of having the same personality as that of your gemstone can be raised.  Although there are instances that the meanings of each gemstone do in fact match the personality of the wearer.

If you have no idea on what your gemstone is, you can most probably ask the shopkeeper in your favorite jewelry store.  For sure, these people know the gemstones of each month of the year.  They would even immediately show you some sample jewelry display of your birthstone. Here are some gemstones and their meanings.  You can decide if these gemstones truly match your personality and reflect the real you.

  • Garnet is the birthstone of those born in the month of January.  It is said that those born under this month are stubborn, ambitious, likes to criticize, hardworking and productive, rather reserved and highly attentive.

  • Aquamarine is for those born in March.  They have an attractive personality, affectionate but can be shy at times, love peace and are sensitive to the needs of others.  However, they can also be easily angered and be revengeful.

  • The month of May consider emeralds as their gemstone. These people are strong-willed and highly motivated, firm in making decisions because of their being systematic. However they do enjoy traveling, literature and the arts.

The next time you check on the necklace display stands, earring holders and ring display of your favorite jewelry store, it is best to read up on the meanings of the stones that you are planning to buy.  Wearing those that reflect the real you would be beneficial because it affirms what you are and what you believe in. 

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