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December is the time of the year where spending is absolutely necessary. Do you know of anyone who doesn’t spend on Christmas? Probably not. Everyone ends up spending on Christmas. The more family and friends you have, the more money you have to spend just to buy them gifts. Unfortunately, if you don’t have that much money, spending so much just for the holiday may not be an attractive idea. And if you really don’t have enough money, it may not be a feasible idea either.

However, as a jewelry seller, you don’t have to spend so much all the time just to create an effective jewelry display and provide equipment or special items that may catch the attention of jewelry makers. In fact, when it comes to Christmas and providing the best for your customers, all you really have to do is wait for good sales from trustworthy jewelry equipment shops to make your plans work. And that’s why you have Nilecorp to lean on at moments like these.

When everyone thinks spending is necessary on Christmas, a jewelry store should always have the option to save. Nilecorp offers you a few sale items that may be of interest to your jewelry interests.

1. Lampwork Pendant

Lampwork Pendant

Do you make your own jewelry? Because if you do make your own jewelry, then this pendant may just become one of your biggest moneymakers for this Christmas season. This beautiful glass disk pendant was handmade so you can expect a little difference in color and design by pendant. But with its intricate details and gorgeous traditional design, you might find this pendant a good addition to your jewelry collection. Now all you have to do is find a good chain to make the pendant into a necklace. At $0.74 per piece when you buy 12 pendants, it does seem like a pretty good investment. Besides, the beautiful design is enough to market it for a nice Christmas present to someone’s sister or aunt.

2. Acrylic Bead Display

This equipment will definitely serve the jewelry sellers / makers of their own jewelry. Because you cannot handle all the beads all the time while you make the jewelry, you’ll need something to dispense the beads at the right time. This rotating acrylic bead display has 12 bars which can hold as much as 288 beads. With this bead display, you won’t have to stack your beads randomly around the shop. When you’re not in the mood to make jewelry, you can also use this bead display to showcase different beads to other aspiring jewelry makers.

3. Velvet Pendant Box

Velvet Pendant Box

Because it is Christmas, you really need special boxes to put earrings or pendants in. Random boxes aren’t enough at times like this. This velvet pendant box will be easier to wrap. Customers will also appreciate the extra step to helping them take care of their jewelry. Since the box is made of velvet material, it will be better for the jewelry as well.

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