Jewelry Gift Packing Ideas for Christmas

It’s Christmas season! And this means every jewelry store has to come up with their own creative ways to impress their customers with good wrapping skills. Despite the fact that most jewelry stores focus on providing good jewelry display and beautiful jewelry collections, sellers also have to ensure that they are prepared for certain occasions such as Christmas – when their creative and wrapping skills are needed for on the spot situations.

Because Christmas is a time for giving, you need to expect a lot of customers who will come in, buy their jewelry and ask for their gifts to be wrapped. When that happens, turning away your customer is bad business. Either you have an easy way out of wrapping their jewelry or you know how to wrap a nice box within a few minutes. To help you prepare for the upcoming rush of Christmas gifts, here are a few gift packing ideas that you might be able to use for this occasion.

1. Buy paper bags

Are you lazy? Too tired to learn how to wrap? Well then, there’s no better way to take the easy way out than by buying paper bags. Paper bags are the easiest ways to wrap a piece of jewelry. All you have to do is buy a good selection of Christmas paper bags in different sizes. When a customer asks you to wrap their jewelry, take the jewelry, place it inside the paper bag and staple it closed. You can also add ribbons or stash decorative paper strips into the paper bag to make it seem more festive. Sure, it’s not as creative as real wrapping, but it’ll be a good alternative for those who are currently in a rush to get out.

2. Use boxes

On the other hand, if you do know how to wrap, even just a little, you might want to put all of the jewelry you sell into a box. Boxes are easier to wrap, you won’t even have to consider its shape. If you can put all of the jewelry in a box, you won’t have to think of neat ways to successfully wrap the jewelry. Wrap the necklace display box in a nice wrapping paper. Use clear scotch tape to tape up the sides and close off the wrapping. Once you've finished, you can place a small ribbon at the clear front of the wrapped box for additional embellishments. There are also some ready-wrapped Christmas boxes that you can buy in other jewelry supply stores.

3. Create ready-made, personalized gift wrapped bags

If you want a little personality to your jewelry shop, buy a roll of pretty wrapping paper. Then, create gift wrap bags in different sizes. Of course, you should have extensive wrapping experience to do this. But if you need help, YouTube and other websites are a great source of ideas. Before you open up every day, make sure you have a good count of ready-made bags to store jewelry that have been bought at your shop. At the same time, you can also personalize the wrapping by adding special embellishments like quotes, ribbons or special decorative stickers.