Tips When Shipping Jewelry-Making Tools

As a jewelry maker, you have to treasure the things you use to create your jewelry. Whether they may be hammers, pliers, tweezers, you need to keep them protected and safe so that you can continue to make your jewelry. However, when you travel to different places, it’s not just the jewelry or the jewelry display that you need to protect. You also need to keep your tools protected from any harm that might ruin its capacity to help you create jewelry.

Jewelry Tools

In protecting your jewelry-making tools, you need to ensure that they don’t spill, get crushed, dropped, bent, get wet or moist or even open accidentally. In shipping your tools, the most important thing that you have to protect is the jewelry making surface and the tools, so that they don’t shift during the travel. You also have to ensure that your tools don’t moist or they’ll end up being at risk of getting molds and tarnish. Protect your tools at all times and you won’t have to spend a lot of money in buying new tools.

Wrap jewelry and jewelry display in bubble wrap

Here are some tips to help you keep your tools safe without having to spend too much.

1. Don’t leave your metal tools in the open air. You can use old socks to cover them up. They can make thick covers for hammers, pliers and even your tweezers.

2. Instead of using old boxes to contain your supplies, you can also use plastic deli containers. These containers have snap on lids that will make it easy to store pliers, scissors, stamps, scribes and other smaller tools. They’ll also be transparent so if you need something, you can easily see it from outside.

3. Use bubble wrap to protect your jewelry, necklace display stands, earring holders and other jewelry display. First, you need to roll a few layers of bubble wrap for additional protection. Then wrap the tools inside and put them inside the deli container.

4. Do you still have those silica-gel packets that you usually get from packages of electronics, shoes and other products? Well, they can actually be pretty useful in protecting your tools. Take the packets and drop them inside the plastic bags and containers for your tools. They can help to prevent moisture when you travel.

5. To keep your tools and packaging intact, use those strapping tapes with filaments to keep the carton closed. Steel can be pretty heavy so if you leave them in an unsecured carton in a rocky ride, it can easily break the carton.

If you follow these simple tips, you can keep your tools intact and ready for use when you unpack.

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