Tips to Displaying Jewelry in a Flea Market

Flea markets are a great place for people to sell their jewelry. It allows them to open their selection of jewelry to a whole new market. Since flea markets allow you to display your jewelry in an open area, it’ll be a great opportunity for you to sell. This means that you need to think of creative, but effective jewelry display to get people to come to your booth.

an effective jewelry display

Here are some ways you can display your jewelry during the event.

1. The seller should wear the jewelry

Your best bet at selling jewelry is to wear them yourself. Models are very helpful in selling clothes and fashion. If people like what they see on a person, they will buy it because it gives them an illusion of what to expect when they wear the jewelry themselves. If you really want to catch the attention of the customers in a flee market, get someone to wear the jewelry. If you don’t know any models, you can always wear them yourself. That way, you can personally tell the customer more about the jewelry and even give them tips on how to wear it.

2. Table top displays with glass lids

Displaying jewelry in a flee market can also be quite risky. Because there will be hundreds of people in the area, it might be a little hard to control who gets to handle which of your jewelry. If you use table top displays that have glass lids, you might be able to protect your display from any quick hands. This may be especially useful for shops with long tables for their booth. Since potential customers can see the jewelry from the outside, they won’t have to hold it just to see it. If they’re truly interested in the jewelry, only then can they take the jewelry from the box – with your assistance, of course.

3. Mannequins

mannequins for jewelry display

On the other hand, wearing your own jewelry might not appeal to you and some of your customers. In this case, you might want to use mannequins instead. Mannequins are very useful in displaying clothes in a clothing store. This is the same for jewelry flee markets. Mannequins allow you to display your earrings and necklaces without really requiring a human body. You can also use mannequin heads, wrists or feet to separately display certain types of jewelry.

4. Shadow box frames

Photo frames successfully display pictures over a wall. If you want the same for your jewelry, you can use shadow box frames. Similar to photo frames, they allow you to display other things besides photos and flat art.

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