Tips in Packing Jewelry-Making Tools For Airplane Rides

Are you planning to take your entire collection and jewelry display somewhere far away that you have to ride an airplane? Do you have plans to take your tools with you as well? If you need to protect your tools when you travel for a few hours in a car, then you also have to keep your tools protected when you travel in an airplane. Now that the security in airports is tighter than ever, you have to keep your tools protected and at the same time make it convenient for checking.

Unfortunately, because you will be bringing some potentially dangerous tools, that means you cannot put them all in your hand-carry bag. Despite the fact that you may want to protect your tools by keeping it close to you, you need to have them checked in. This also means that your suitcase or bag will be due for hand inspection and x-ray machines. To save yourself some time, here are a few tips to packing jewelry tools for the airport.

Protect your tools when you travel on a plane
Protect your tools when you travel on a plane

1. Use transparent plastic

First of all, when you pack your supplies or tools, use transparent plastic to keep them all sorted out. Even if you want to keep your supplies in between clothes for extra protection, you need to place them at the top instead. If the guards ask to inspect your bag, you won’t want to dig into your bag just to show them your tools. Instead, keep the plastic at the top of the clothes so that they can easily see what you have.

2. Place all tools in one bag or location

Don’t scatter your things in your bag. The more you keep your supplies scattered, the easier it’ll be to lose something or misplace them in the future. Instead of placing them in different parts of your suitcase, keep them in one place only. If you have business cards, wrap them in a transparent plastic and tape them to your supplies. When the guards check your bag, they’ll see the business card and they won’t have to ask why you’re carrying the tools and metal supplies with some jewelry displays like necklace display stands.

3. Transparent photo boxes

If you really need to keep your supplies in a box, use those transparent plastic photo boxes with the snap-up cover. Not only will it be easy to keep your metal tools in one place, it’ll also allow the guards to see what’s inside the box. As a result, they won’t have to ask to open it up for checking.

Packing your current tools for regular travels can be a real hassle. If you travel a lot with your tools, buy another set especially for traveling. This way, if you lose anything while you’re on the road, you know you have another set available at home.

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