Random Jewelry Display Tips

When you want to create a good display for your jewelry, it is important to keep track of the ideas and concepts that you’ve used in order to keep up a consistently interesting display. However, when you’ve used too many jewelry display ideas, you start missing out on some of the basic tips and tricks to displaying jewelry. In order to attract customers to your display, here are a few random display tips to help you get back on track.

1. Don’t worry about repeating the same design over and over again. What matters is that your jewelry is different from time to time. Selling the same kind of jewelry all the time kills the interest of your loyal customers. Keep things interesting by featuring new jewelry from time to time.

2. Benefit from the occasions and special events. Don’t miss out on all the special occasions and events that come up during the year. Christmas, New Year, Halloween and Valentine’s Day are all very important occasions that can help boost your business. Use the occasion to market your products and use it to conceptualize your display. The more people will see that you’re inspired by the occasion, the more they’ll be attracted to your display. Be creative and use different kinds of decorations for each occasion. Remember, most of these occasions will happen again the next year so everything you buy to decorate your place is an investment and not an expense.

3. Don’t copy the display of others. Go around different expos and check out other bazaars. Learn from them. Be inspired by them and even talk to them to get more tips. You don’t have to copy to be creative. Instead, get some ideas from different booths and turn your display into something totally original. In marketing, this is called benchmarking. People don’t always have original ideas. Instead, they get inspiration from others to make their own ideas seem original.

4. Space vs. amount. Never forget space when you’re creating a jewelry display. This is very important because many people stack their jewelry into one booth at one time. This causes them to overcrowd their display and the whole booth loses its charm. Maintain a good amount of space between jewelry. This allows people to see each piece clearly and they won’t have a hard time finding the jewelry they want.

5. You don’t have to take hours just to conceptualize your booth. If someone invites you impromptu to sell at a good show, go for it and use the basic concepts to display your necklace, earrings or rings. If the trade show lasts long, you’ll still have a lot of time to make changes. Some sellers turn down selling opportunities because they can’t find a good jewelry display idea to fit the size of the booth. Whether the booth may be big or small, you should never refuse the chance to sell.

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