More Unusual Jewelry Displays

Sometimes displaying your jewelry is the one way you can convince your customers to buy from you. As long as you have a good jewelry display, you can easily convince them to purchase that piece of jewelry that they want. Unfortunately, if you use the usual types of display equipment, your booth might turn out to look exactly like everyone else’s. Give your shop a different look by using these unusual display items.

1. Use lamps


Lamps aren’t just used for side tables and interior designing. They can give any booth the extra light it needs and the special display equipment to give your shop a boost. Some lamps are shaped especially to allow the handler to hold it easily around the body. You can use these handles as a way to display some bracelets or necklaces. This can also serve as earring display stand. For example, a white lamp will be able to showcase a colorful set of bangles. Not only do you get an unusual display, you also give your booth extra lighting for evening displays.

2. Hooks


Instead of using nails to hang necklaces and bracelets on boards or walls, use decorated hooks instead. Nails are pretty boring and they can easily tarnish along the way. Instead of risking your pretty, white walls by punching nails into them, use embellished hooks with a creative design. These can be bought in hardware stores and DIY shops. Some hooks are designed to look like flowers or butterflies. At least, you won’t have to worry about tarnished nails or boring walls. Besides, hooks with designs give your necklaces a decorative boost on your walls. If you have white or cream walls, you can get similar colored hooks to make it naturally blend with the background. When you hang the necklaces on the walls, they will stand out effortlessly.

3. Display cases


Photo frames are a really good way of displaying important art or photos. On a wall, they can be used to create aesthetics or give the room a different feel. Use these frames for your jewelry. Jewelry display cases like shadow box frames allow you to hang jewelry within them. Pick a frame that makes your jewelry stand out. For example, if you have light colored jewelry, choose a soft, but bold colored shadow box frame. Darker jewelry should be framed by light colors to give them a chance to stand out more. Many jewelry sellers use this trick to create a successful display for their pieces.

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