Styles and Fashion – What Jewelry to Wear on Important Days

As a jewelry seller, it’s not just the jewelry display that you need to worry about. In fact, you also have to worry about how to sell your jewelry and how you can sell them to your customers. One of the best ways you can sell to your customers is to know your jewelry well. It’s not just about helping your customer choose a piece of jewelry – it’s about letting them know what will look good on them. And for important days, they need to know what kind of accessories they should wear.

jewelry display
when it comes to selling jewelry, it's not just the jewelry display that matters

Here’s a few tips on what jewelry to wear on specific days:

For a job interview

Job interviews have to be formal and elegant. You can’t be too elegant or you’ll overshadow your boss. But you can’t be too casual or your boss won’t take you seriously. When it comes to dressing up for a job interview, you need to keep it simple, but classy. Wear blazers and formal blouses. These are common for job interviews. When it comes to your accessories, pick the pearl strands in your necklace display box. But don’t overdo it though. Don’t wear too many pearls or you’ll end up looking trashy. Wear a simple, pearl necklace and a pair of pearl earrings. You’ll look elegant and simple, just enough to impress any boss.

For a beach event

Beach events are easier to dress up in. You can wear almost anything and no one would really care. But seriously, don’t wear studs to a beach. If you lose them, you’ll never find them again. Avoid wearing anything pearl in a beach event. Pearls are too serious and if you wear them and they break, you lose every pearl that you have. Wear beads instead. Beads are the informal version of pearls and they make you look ready to party. You can wear chains, but if you’ll be wearing accessories made out of cloth, you might want to avoid the waters. If you wet a cloth accessory, you’ll end up ruining it.

For a formal event

Formal events have stricter rules than in job interviews. You’re there to have fun but look elegant still. If you wear pearls, you’ll look like you’re going in for a job interview. If you wear beads, you might be out-shined by every other girl in the room. However, if you go for silver accessories, you’re just in the right place. Silver necklaces, silver earrings are great for formal events. They are elegant, simple and they won’t make you look trashy.

Now that you have an idea of what accessories to wear, tell your customers this when they ask you. Show them the accessories that will make them look at their best during their event. The more helpful you are, the better for your jewelry shop.

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