Jewelry Display Ideas for Halloween

In a few days, everyone would be celebrating Halloween, the scariest day of the year where you can merely enjoy everything scary. If other shops will go out of their way to make their shop look appropriate for the occasion, you should too as well. Just because you’re selling jewelry doesn’t make it harder to decorate your store or booth. In fact, by using these jewelry display ideas, you can easily turn your store into one Halloween party.

jewelry display
Scary Jewelry Display Tree

Create easy decorations with plastic Halloween decorations

First of all, if you don’t have all the time to make creative Halloween decorations, then your best bet at turning your store into a Halloween pad is by buying plastic decorations, instead. While this could hinder your creative thinking cap, it could also save you a lot of time thinking of possible decorations and creating embellishments for your store. Simply go to the nearest store, buy a few decorations like spiders, bats, Scare Face masks, even scarecrows to decorate around your jewelry store. Don’t worry, these decorations are made to be hung or put conveniently in some place so you don’t have to drill holes or punch nails into your walls.

Use plastic skeletons for displays

Plastic skeletons can be pretty useful for Halloween. Buy a whole skeleton from any store and use this to display your jewelry. Yes, instead of your usual display equipment, change up your whole theme into something scarier – the skeletons! Besides, those skeleton hands are really cute if you display huge rings on them. You can also use those glow in the dark hands too. Display on a dark backdrop and you have a successful ring display.

Make spider webs

If plastic skeletons are not enough, you can also consider using spider webs. Spider webs are pretty easy to put up, even if you don’t buy those plastic ones in the shop. Alternatively, you can also use cheese strings which are easy to handle, delicious and they make a pretty convincing spider web. However, if you have plans to use these spider webs as display equipment, you can use wires instead. It will take a little creativity to build your own spider web, but once you have, you can use it to hang bracelets or rings.

Create Halloween packaging options

Now, instead of using the common paper bags when you make a sale, you can buy some plastic jack-o-lanterns to store the jewelry they bought. Not only is this a creative alternative to the usual paper bags, the customers will also appreciate the Halloween gesture.

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