How to Pack For Traveling With Your Jewelry

When you come across an amazing opportunity to sell at a trade show somewhere, you shouldn't hesitate to take it. Even if it means you need to travel a few hours just to get to the place, the opportunity to sell could be good for your business. Unfortunately, this also means that you have to travel with your jewelry and necklace display stands. Still, you should definitely take the risk. Besides, there are many ways to get your jewelry to the location safely. In order to prevent anything from happening to your jewelry during the ride to the trade show, here’s how you can pack them safely.
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1. Create a record of your jewelry

Before anything else, the first thing that you should do is to create a record of your jewelry. Check each of them, one by one and examine them. Make sure to take notes if you have to. Double check the count for each type of jewelry and ensure that you take note of their current condition. If they are in perfect condition now, they should be in the same condition after your travel. Don’t forget to check your jewelry display too. You’ll need them during the trade show and you can’t afford to have them broken during the trip.

2. Pack them in their designated packaging

It’s time to start packing. But this doesn't just mean you throw the jewelry all into one bag. It means you need to sort them out first. Which jewelry will be okay if you put them in one box? You should set a limit too. There should only be 3-5 pieces of jewelry in one box. Use different boxes for every type of jewelry. Place cushions inside the box if you need to protect them from any scratches along the way. Use fabric too if you need to.

3. Place them in a travel organizer

Double protect your jewelry by placing them in a travel organizer. Travel organizers are pretty convenient and they can help protect your jewelry during the trip. Sometimes, if your travel organizer has its own pockets and slits for the jewelry, you can place them inside without the boxes. Otherwise, the travel organizer can serve as the second box for the jewelry.

Now that you have wrapped up your jewelry well, all you have to do is drive carefully to the location. Be careful with humps and swerves so that your jewelry won’t have to wobble around too much. Do remember to check your jewelry again when you arrive. Hopefully, with your means of protection, none of the jewelry got bruised while traveling.

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