How to Choose From Different Types of Jewelry Travel Organizers

Do you have plans to travel with your jewelry? If you have plans to take your jewelry out in the next few months, then you better start preparing yourself for the expenses and protection for your jewelry. Traveling with your jewelry is not a simple matter. If you want to arrive in your destination with your jewelry in good condition, then you have to find ways to ensure that they are protected from any scratches along the way.

One of the best ways to make this happen is to buy a travel organizer for jewelry. However, because there are many different types of travel organizers, you might not know which one you should choose.

Here’s a guide on choosing from the different types of travel organizers.

Presentation Folder

jewelry display
Presentation Folder
This type of travel organizer can be used for those who have a limited collection of jewelry. A presentation folder is just a two part, folder-like organizer with its own slots and pockets to place the jewelry. Because it has limited space, you can’t put too much jewelry inside. Otherwise, you need to buy more than one presentation folder for your jewelry.

Jewelry Rolls

If you plan to take on more jewelry than it’ll fit inside a presentation folder, then a jewelry roll could be your best travel organizer. While it’s not the ideal type of jewelry display equipment, it’ll help you to protect the jewelry you have. Even more so, you can add more than the usual amount of jewelry into one case. Unfortunately, because you tend to “roll” the jewelry, it can increase the risk of scratches on them. Choose a jewelry roll with thick material so it can prevent the jewelry from bumping into one another.

Attaché Case

The ideal form of traveling for jewelry salesmen is through a car. They can easily put the jewelry in the back and drive to their destination. However, if you happen to be commuting to your destination, an attaché case is the ideal travel organizer. Why? Unlike a presentation folder or a jewelry roll, you can put more jewelry inside an attaché case. And it’ll also be easier for you to hold onto it while you travel to your destination.

Carrying Case

But if you need to pack up all of your jewelry to attend a trade show somewhere, a carrying case is your best bet. Carrying cases are big, some even with its own levels and tiers for each type of jewelry. You can easily set your jewelry into the organizer without having to worry about its safety. A carrying case is appropriate because you can choose from a hard case to a soft case. You can even pick one with its own handle so you won’t have a hard time carrying it around.

Always remember to pick the type of travel organizer for your necklace display bust you need depending on your long term requirements.

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