5 Important Supplies to Make a Necklace

Sometimes, jewelry makers are the ones who built jewelry shops for themselves. Other times, it is the jewelry shop owner who decides to try their own streak at creativity. When this happens, they’ll need a little more than creativity to make their own jewelry.

Here are a few things every jewelry maker should have first before making their own necklace.

Beads as you Main Object
1. Main object – this is the most important part of the jewelry. If you design your own pieces, this is the part of the jewelry which will capture the eye of the customer, aside from unique necklace display. For beginner jewelry makers, this could be the beads or the pearls that highly make up any piece of jewelry. Others who have a different idea of how they can make their jewelry can create their own pendant, or buy one from a local crafts store. You can also look for a gemstone, if you were hoping to make jewelry with birthstones.

2. Wire or cord – now the next most important part of jewelry making is the wire or cord which will be used to string together your pendants and other parts of the jewelry. The quality of your necklace highly depends on the wire or cord that you choose. If your chosen string happens to break easily, you can lose all of your beads and you may have to start over. Otherwise, you can also choose chains for your necklace. Unfortunately, chains are harder to hide so you need to pick a good chain that you can actually be seen wearing. The chain can get tarnished easily too.
Jewelry Findings

3. Findings – these allow you to close your necklace around your neck. It is important to find one that will look suitable for your necklace. There are many different types of findings so you can choose which one will match the type of necklace you’re wearing.

 4. Pliers – if you’ll be making a complicated type of necklace with all the pearls and beads, you’ll need pliers to manipulate the wire or cord. These cannot be easily warped to your favored shape so you’ll need the help of metal equipment. Pliers will help you wrap the wire around beads and ensure the safety of your main objects. Special pliers for jewelry can be also bought at jewelry display shops.

5. Tweezers – creating a beaded necklace can be pretty hard if you have big fingers. The only way this is possible is if you decide to use a loupe and a magnifier to help you string the beads. Otherwise, tweezers really help to handle the beads while making the necklace.

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