3 Jewelry Display Tips to Boost Your Booth

Creating a successful display for your jewelry is never easy. You need to be creative and sometimes, spontaneous and risky, especially when it comes to trying new strategies. In order to be able to sell your jewelry well to your customers, it is essential to try different things that will make your jewelry stand out. A successful jewelry display is hard to make because it has to be a lively background to your jewelry. If it overshadows the jewelry you’re displaying, then it’ll only lessen the chances of people noticing the jewelry you’re selling. Yes, they’ll find your display equipment amusing. But all in all, they won’t be interested in the things you sell.

To help you improve your skills in displaying jewelry, here are a few tips you can use.

jewelry display
Take advantage of the black colored background

Take advantage of similar items

Uniformity is a very attractive factor for any jewelry. If you happen to be selling any collection of jewelry that looks nice and has potential to be sold well, then you can take advantage of it and place them all together in one display equipment. If you have set up a set of strings or wire over your booth, you can set them up to be display together. If you have a tiered platform, you can also use this to display the collection. Once the customer sees that the jewelry is pretty, they’ll immediately want the item that will look most compelling to them. If you display the collection together, they won’t have a hard time comparing it with different colors. From afar, they can already tell which color stands out the most.

Make use of different backgrounds

One of the best ways to play up a feature of a piece of jewelry is to use its background. If a piece of jewelry has a background that can highlight its features, then you should use this for your display. For example, you can use different types of cloth for its backdrop. But don’t just focus on regular cloth. Play up different cloths, depending on the type of jewelry. If you’ll be displaying a one-colored item, you can use an elegant fabric to highlight its colors. Consider using silk or any other shiny material to highlight the jewelry.

Play up the colors

Jewelry always looks best if they are put together with the things that they look good on. For example, a black platform is the ideal necklace display for a colorful necklace. Why? It is simply because the plain, black background allows the colorful necklace to stand out. In a person’s view, all they can see is the colorful jewelry. And that’s a good way to boost jewelry’s appearance. Do this for all of your pieces and you have a successful display for your jewelry.

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