The Pros and Cons of Using a Metal Frame Jewelry Stand

There are many kinds of jewelry display stands that you can use to showcase your jewelry. Popular display stands are made out of plastic and acrylic. These are common because they are light and sellers can bend them whenever they need. Others are made out of wood that provide sellers with a chance to make their display look classy and upscale. However, some of these kinds of display stands are made out of a metal frame that may or may not be beneficial for your display.

If you’ve ever thought of using metal frame jewelry stands, here are some reasons why you may want to think again:

- Metal frames make a display stand heavy. If you don’t want to lug around a heavy display stand, this wouldn’t be a good choice.

- Sometimes, if you neglect to use a metal framed stand too often, it’ll end up rusty. By then, it wouldn’t be advisable to use it for your jewelry display because it’ll ruin your design and it could be potentially dangerous to you and your customers too.

- It wouldn’t be a good idea to get the stand wet either.

However, despite its many disadvantages, there are also several benefits that a metal framed stand can provide to a seller – some of which will definitely be useful for their display.

- A metal framed stand will look great with jewelry. Metal frames make a jewelry display look antique and classic, giving it a very authentic look.

- This kind of stand won’t break easily either. No more having to change display stands too much in a month. Metal frames make it sturdy and strong, with the capability to last long.

- Metal frame necklace display stands have a variety of designs that can really benefit your display. Some designs can be used no matter the season or type of display you plan to use. Metal frame stands like the one Nilecorp sells makes a great accessory for booths and shops. You can easily hang earrings, rings or even bracelets on them.

- Metal frames aren’t always used by most sellers. Giving customers a different look can help your jewelry to stand out more.

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