Creative Ways to Display Your Jewelry

Looking for unconventional ways to display your jewelry and attract more customers? Then you need to up your creativity when it comes to thinking of effective jewelry displays. Traditional display stands are great. They make a seller’s life easier and you can simply rearrange, change colors and update your backdrop to get a finished, possibly effective decoration for your jewelry booth. But if you really want to attract customers, you need to get your thinking cap on.

jewelry display

Here are a few creative ways to display your jewelry.

Use a rack

Racks are tools used to organize stuff at home. If you have an old rack that you don’t use anymore, you can turn this into a ring riser to include in your display. All you have to do is make the rack look a little more presentable. Paint it, change the color or decorate it with hand prints and creative drawings. Racks can be used to display rings or even necklaces if you hang them at a top shelf.

Bulletin Boards or Photo Frames

Best way to display earrings in an unconventional way? Use bulletin boards or photo frames. The back of a photo frame is empty so you’ll have to nail window screen mesh to its back tightly to make it work. In a bulletin board, all you have to do is glue the window screen mesh and start hanging the earrings. Decorate the back of your bulletin board so you have a creative earring display.

Dress Forms

Because not everyone can afford the acrylic body formed display stands that were made specifically to showcase jewelry, you’ll need a similar stand – dress forms are cheap and they can be bought at garage sales or from tailors. Even if the dress forms have been used before, all you need to do is clean it up a bit to make it look presentable. Necklace dress forms display are a great way to display necklaces and pin brooches to it.


Just like bulletin boards and photo frames, you can use old shutters to display earrings as well. Since most shutters are made in plain colors, they make a nice backdrop for a jewelry booth. All you have to do is cut out a small portion of your shutters, glue it to a decorated cardboard or wallpaper and start hanging your earrings. Don’t hang all of your earrings in one row. If you hang too many earrings in one shutter cut-out, you could end up ruining your home-made jewelry display.

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