What You Need to Create Jewelry

Some sellers get jewelry makers to create the products for their jewelry store. This way, the only thing they have to worry about is the jewelry display, how to sell and attracting customers. However, there are also some cases where even the seller could also make their own jewelry.

In creating jewelry, all you really need is a lot of creativity and inspiration, some skills and a few tools to help you create the perfect pieces to sell.


For those who’d like to try their knack at creating beautiful pieces, here are some tools you’ll definitely need when making your own jewelry.

Wires and cords

Most jewelry is made out of different types of wires and cords. If you’re creating beaded jewelry, you’ll need to choose a specific type of wire or cord to connect the beads to. You may have to use nylon too, if needed. Choosing the type of wire and cord for your jewelry is essential because it will determine the strength of your pieces. If your wire breaks and tarnishes quickly, you might end up with easily broken pieces.

Different kinds of beads

If the wire and cord is the foundation of jewelry, beads create the aesthetic effect to your jewelry. There are many different kinds of beads – from colored, to plain, to those that look like shells and even crystals or if you’re more creative and experienced – Swarovski crystals. Choose specific beads for different types of jewelry. Get the right pendants for your necklace. Be wary of the colors you choose. Remember, you’re creating jewelry, not some form of costume. Make sure the colors go well together so that when the customer sees it, they’ll be attracted to it.

Ribbons and embellishments

Sometimes, jewelry doesn’t only have beads and wires. Other times, they will also contain embellishments such as ribbons and yarn to make the jewelry look even better. There are also other types of embellishments like charms, pins, flowers and more. However, make sure not to overload your jewelry with too many embellishments. The more embellishments, the less the purpose of the beads. Too many embellishments will also make the jewelry look cheap.

Other Tools

Now that you have everything you need for the jewelry, you need to prepare the tools you’ll need for making the jewelry. You’ll need a set of pliers to arrange the wire and insert the beads, tweezers to handle the beads and crystals carefully and even magnifiers to watch your work carefully.

With just the right tools and supplies, you might not need to hire jewelry makers anymore. Nilecorp has a complete supply of everything you might need to create jewelry. We also have a wide varieties of necklace display stand, earring holders and other jewelry display.


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