The Benefits of Using a Wooden Jewelry Display

Are you at the stage where you need to figure out the type of jewelry display for your store? While most other jewelry store owners settle for plastic trays, towers and handles, you may want to consider using a wooden jewelry display instead.

Yes, plastic and acrylic displays are usually cheaper, but without a doubt, these wooden pieces are also very beneficial for store owners who wish to use them. Why?

Jewelry sellers who use wooden displays will enjoy benefits such as:

jewelry display
wooden necklace display makes it look more authentic

Less risk in wearing out due to time

Wooden displays are made to stand for long years of use. Since most displays crafted carefully out of wood are made out of really good material, even if you’ve changed as much jewelry as you can, you’ll still enjoy the same texture and built as you once did when you bought it. Even if you’ve used it through several trading expos, you’ll still be able to display it in your shop. You won’t have to worry about seeing wear out marks that will only get in the way of a successful jewelry display.

It will look good in almost any jewelry display theme

The good thing about these wooden displays is that it looks good in almost any theme you choose for your display. If you choose to have a “nature” themed display, you’ll be able to put the wooden displays to good use. Since most wooden pieces are made of quality materials, you’ll also notice how sophisticated they’ll look with your jewelry display, no matter the design. You can use the wooden displays even for Christmas or during Thanksgiving when everyone’s looking for gifts. Nilecorp even has beautiful earring display stands that look like the branches of trees. Not only will you get functionality, you’ll also enjoy its elegant designs.

It will accentuate jewelry because it has the same skin color

Do you know that the buying decision is usually made when the customer sees the jewelry on their own skin? Once they see how they look while wearing the pieces of jewelry and they like it, that’s the time they’ll want to buy the piece. However, once they see the jewelry on wood which has almost the same skin color, they’ll already be able to imagine how it’ll look on their skin. Just by having these display pieces for your jewelry, you can already establish connection between your customer and your jewelry.

Unfortunately, there are some wooden jewelry displays that cannot be folded so you may have a hard time packing up your store or booth. However, if these wooden trays can really bring out the best in your jewelry, then what’s stopping you from getting one?


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