Setting Up a Jewelry Shop: Knowing the Accessories You Might Need

When you’re building your own jewelry shop, there are a variety of factors that you need to consider in order to make sure that your shop is ready to go. Besides the actual jewelry to sell, you also have to consider your jewelry display, store decorations and even accessories that will make running a jewelry shop more convenient.

Once you have all the important factors down pat, the display and the jewelry, it is now time to make sure that you have the accessories you need.

These accessories may not be as important, but you may find use for them when selling jewelry.

jewelry display
mirrors for your jewelry shop


No jewelry shop or booth should open without a mirror to help their customers check themselves out when trying on the jewelry. If you have no mirrors, customers may find themselves a little discouraged, especially because they can’t really see how they look like. Even jewelry booths must have their own mirror, even just a small one. Stores who wish to make an impression on their customers can put up larger mirrors around the room. Not only will the customers appreciate it, it will also make the room look bigger.

Store signs and jewelry signs

Stores are never complete without the right signs to go with it. Before you open up shop, you have to make sure that you get the signs that your store may need. This may include shop signs like Open and Closed, No Smoking, Sale, New Arrival and even Exit. These are pretty standard, but if you want a creative sign, you might want to look at different shops before you buy one. Besides store signs, you’ll also require signs for your jewelry. Authentic gold and silver should be labeled well, so those who are looking for these kinds of pieces will be able to find them quickly in your store. Choose metal signs, instead of plastic, so they won’t end up looking cheap within the authentic jewelry.

Label tags

Although definitely an optional choice, label tags allow you to mark your pieces conveniently. Customers won’t have to keep asking you for the price of a piece because they’ll be able to see it through the glass window. There are easy-to-stick adhesive label tags so you don’t have to worry about pulling it out accidentally. You can also choose to buy string tags, if you think adhesive label tags are too big. At least, you won’t have to stick on the price tag on the jewelry itself. Doing that may end up in the color sticking to the adhesive tape on the price tag. Before you display your jewelry, think of the different tags you may want to stick on them. Sometimes, uniformity will make your necklace display busts look clean, but if you’re creative, you can also choose different tags for different pieces.

Remember, accessories help make running a business more convenient. Even if you don’t have these accessories at the time you open your shop, you’ll find yourself eventually looking for some to make your shop look more appealing both to you and your customers.


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