How to Showcase Your Jewelry With Showcase Trays

When it comes to selling jewelry, finding the most effective display is essential to making a lot of sales. Creativity is one of the characteristics that can truly help a jewelry seller out, even during dead seasons. An effective jewelry display will help customers see their jewelry in a different light. Now, when you’re selling at a jewelry expo or a trading show, you might have to bring a lot of your pieces with you. During these events, many people who love jewelry will be wandering around the area. The more you can offer them, the bigger your sales potential.

Unfortunately, a cluttered display can end up giving your shop a negative look. In order to prevent this, it is important to find ways to display your jewelry well, without making it look disorganized. This is why you might need showcase trays to help you effectively display your jewelry. Here are the different types of trays to help you choose which one would work best for your shop.
Faux Leather With Angle Earring Ring Tray

Versatile showcase trays

These trays are usually flat in design, but it can still house a lot of jewelry. Available in a variety of designs – whether for necklaces, bracelets, earrings or rings – you can use these to display jewelry beneath a glass window. You can also choose whether you want a vertical design or a horizontal design as these versatile showcase trays are available in both styles.

Slanted Display Trays

On the other hand, a slanted display tray also offers the same benefits as the versatile showcase tray. You can display several pieces in one tray. However, the slanted display tray has a slightly slanted shape so that your jewelry is set to look up to the customer, giving them a chance to see the pieces in a better light. These are usually recommended for earrings so even if it is displayed within a group, customers can still see the pairs clearly.

Ring Showcase Tray

Curved Display Tray

A curved display tray has a slight curve or slant beneath the surface to increase the height of the jewelry in its middle. This display tray is best for necklace, chains and bracelets, the curved display tray emphasizes the chains where it is most important – the middle part, or the design of the jewelry. Giving a little height to your display can make a difference to how a customer will see the jewelry.

Stackable Display Tray

Do you have a lot of jewelry to display? Are you worried that it might be hard to pack up after the day is over? If you are, then a stackable display tray can really help your cause. The benefits of this type of display include its capacity to showcase a lot of jewelry and easily stack each tray up for packing safely once the day is over. You won’t even have to handle your jewelry again.

Choosing the utility trays to showcase your jewelry can be important. You have to choose which one would work best for your display so that your jewelry doesn’t end up looking like a mess or cluttering your booth.


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