How to Make Your Own Olympics Inspired Jewelry Display

In order to attract people to your business, it is important to keep up with the latest trends. Despite many businessmen arguing that marketing strategies is enough to get sales, it won’t hurt to use some creativity to add more customers to your list.

Now that it’s Olympic season, it may be time to hang up Christmas-season designs and redecorate your store or booth into something more festive for the current trend. So, how do you turn your jewelry display into something resembling the Olympics?

jewelry display
use the Olympic rings and its colors for inspiration 

Change up the colors

The first thing you need to do when changing your jewelry display is to take advantage of the colors of Olympics. These colors are the same as those in the Olympic rings – blue, yellow, black, green and red. Now this should be easy, because these colors are already the basics. But just to make it more obvious, don’t mix up the colors of your jewelry arrangement by random. Instead, arrange your jewelry to match the order of that in the rings.

Use various cloths and fabrics

Even if you use colored jewelry display trays and towers, it may not make a lot of emphasis on the Olympics. Instead, you have to highlight each color by using pieces of cloths and fabrics as background. For those who have stores, place lengths of cloths beneath each display item. Have the colors aligned in the specific order of the rings. You can also set up posters of various Olympic athletes around the store. Nothing like gold medalists to get customers into the Olympic spirits.

For those with booths, use cloths as background for your jewelry display. If your booth is too small, create a minimalist design in the middle of your booth using the five colors. Cut out rectangular shapes of cloths and align like the rings. Set up a jewelry tower in front of it, but make sure the cloths can still be seen.

Use embellishments such as lace and ribbons
jewelry display
use ribbons to embellish your display

Every gold medal is attached to a ribbon. Embellish your store with lace and ribbons in the colors of the Olympics. If you’re truly creative, cut out huge circles in gold, silver and bronze colors and hang them on a ribbon at various locations in your store.

For booths, create little medals and hang them, along with your mini necklace and pendant display . This will show everyone how it looks to wear a gold medal over a neat piece of jewelry.

If you’re patriotic, also add the national flag to your store’s decoration. Olympic-themed stores are not only very attractive these days, but they also give you a sense of pride, especially with the many gold medalists who will come home a changed person after the event.


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