How to Boost Your Jewelry Sales This End of the Summer

Now that summer is closing and everyone will be back to school soon, there’s a huge chance that your sales will also go down, especially with other people tending to school supplies and requirements. But instead of worrying about your sales and hoping only for the best, there may be a way for you to do just fine during these times.

Here are some ways to boost your sales this end of summer:

jewelry display
end of summer sale!

Take advantage of the end of a season

Just like any other store, you have to take advantage of the end of a season. Now that summer’s almost over, it is time to hold up your racks, get on your marketing thinking caps and devise discounts and strategies to mark the end of the season. This is definitely the best time to promote your products through sales and discounts. Many of your summer jewelry should be put on sale, especially now that the season’s almost over. Consider a buy one take one strategy, or if this doesn’t work, set aside some pieces that you can sell for lower prices. Many people save up for the end of the season because this is usually the time when the best pieces of jewelry can be bought at the fraction of its original price.

Take advantage of the start of a new season

If it’s the end of a season, then it also means that a new season will start soon. Now that summer’s almost over, it’s time for school to start. This means that you can finally put away all of your summer jewelry display and replace it with decorations more appropriate for school. If you had Olympic decorations around your store, it is now time to display jewelry pieces that may be worn at school. Silver and gold pieces make stylish additions to formal uniforms, while those who don’t have uniforms can enjoy a more stylish, fashionable collection from their favorite celebrities.

A little tip: everyone likes dressing up well for their first day of school. If you’re creative enough, you can turn your own jewelry store into a school setting, giving customers a chance to see the pieces in a different light. Use darker shades of necklace display stands and towers and bank on wrapping any sold pieces of jewelry in a book-bag style pouch for protection.


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