Guidelines to Choosing Jewelry Findings

As a jewelry maker and seller, it is important to know a lot of things about jewelry itself. Besides having some ideas about building an affordable jewelry display, creating jewelry from scratch and marketing to customers, you’ll eventually need to know what jewelry findings are. If you create your own pieces, you should know the purpose of findings. But if you've only been selling the jewelry, it might be time to know what findings are for – especially if one of your customer happens to be looking for some.


Jewelry findings are a variety of elements used to complete a whole piece. Without the findings, a piece of jewelry may not be closed together to wrap around the wearer’s neck or wrist. These findings are required to ensure that the customers can wear their jewelry without fear of it slipping off or simply falling out of place.

If you’re new to creating jewelry, you’ll need this to finish off your pieces. But in order to do that, you also need to know how to choose the findings for your piece. You see, not every piece of jewelry from your necklace display stand has the same type of finding. You have to pick out which one works best for your piece.

In order to do that, go through these guidelines to help you choose which findings will complete your jewelry.

Know what kind of metal will work best with your jewelry

First things first, the kind of metal is important when you’re looking for findings. If your jewelry is made out of gold, it might not be right to close it with a silver-made finding. Not only will that look out of place, but it will be too obvious for the customer that you cheated them out of one part of the jewelry. The finding should perfectly match the rest of the jewelry and to start it off – it has to be crafted out of the same metal. If your jewelry is made out of sterling silver, choose a finding crafted out of sterling silver.

Consider the design of your jewelry

The design is also important when you choose the element to complete your jewelry. If your finding happens to look completely out of place, it will decrease the aesthetic look of the jewelry to customers. Find one that will blend well with the jewelry. If not, make sure the clasp is strong and it will not over-shine the jewelry itself.

Make sure the color matches with the rest of the jewelry

Colors are pretty essential when it comes to creating jewelry. Without a good set of colors, you take away the chance of a piece of jewelry being bought. This is the same with findings. You need to make sure that the findings will match the rest of the jewelry. Don’t clash colors or it will make your jewelry look bad.

Ensure that the price range is within reach

Findings should not cost more than the jewelry itself. Make sure you buy these components at a good store with reasonable prices. If you have to, buy extra pieces, just in case something goes wrong while finishing off your jewelry.


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