Different Types of Earring Displays

Finding the right way to get people to notice your earring collection.

When you’re trying to sell jewelry, you have to find ways to get people to notice them, even when they’re just passing by. The better the earrings look on a stand, the easier it is to sell them to customers. This is why having an effective jewelry display is essential – to maximize the potential of a piece of jewelry, resulting in more sales. But before you decide what display would be best for your jewelry, you need to know the different types of displays you can have. Once you have an idea of your options, you can start choosing which would work best for your selection.

There are several types of jewelry – from anklet, to necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The first type of display we’ll tackle will be for your earrings. Unlike necklaces and bracelets, earrings are similar to rings – small and barely noticeable.

This is why you have to find a way to make each pair stand out by choosing the most effective display stand. Here are the different types of stands you can find for earrings.

Earring stands

This type of display is for those pairs that you have to display alone. You can use this type of display to showcase the expensive pairs or the earrings with real gems in it. If you also have a pretty set of pearl earrings, they also stand out well with earring display stands. An earring stand is small, but it can stand alone and is slanted just right to show off the design of the earring.

Multiple Bar Stands

A bar stand, on the other hand, is almost set like a tree with many branches, although the traditional bar stand really doesn’t have any fancy design. You can use multiple bar stands to display a set of earrings with similar designs, maybe the same colors. If you’re displaying your jewelry in a color-coordinated fashion, you can use a multiple bar stand to save you space. Unlike an earring stand which can only display one pair, a multiple bar stand can probably be used to hang as much as 10 – 15 pairs.

Rotating Earring Display

If you have several pairs of earrings to display, then a rotating earring display stand can help you save a lot of space. This kind of display is usually really big so you can display a lot of earrings on it. Customers can easily turn the stand so they can see the other pairs hanging around the back. Unfortunately, you’ll have to constantly turn the display so that everyone has a fair look at the other earrings.

Hanging Earring Card

Like the earring stand, a hanging earring card can only host one pair. However, it cannot stand on its own. Usually, hanging earrings cards are used to hang earrings onto another bar for displaying. But you can also use these cards to wrap up earrings for a customer.

Puff Earring Card

This display can also host only one pair. However, unlike both the earring stand and the hanging card, it displays the earrings horizontally. The pair of earrings lies down on a comfortable, puffy (usually white) bed, perfect for helping the pair stand out. These cards also have a hanger if you want to display it on another rack or bar, along with other earrings.


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