Ways to Wrap Your Jewelry for Customers

When you’re running a jewelry shop, it’s not just the attractive jewelry display that you need to worry about. In fact, there are several factors that will help you attract the attention of customers and potential clients. One of these factors includes wrapping your jewelry for your customers. While not everyone takes note of the packaging of each piece of jewelry, if the packaging is attractive enough, it is the best way to freely advertise your business and get more people to your shop.


One of the best ways to wrap your jewelry is to make sure that it is placed in a secure and creative-looking case. Use a resealable polybag to protect your jewelry once it has been bought. The resealable bag allows you to keep your jewelry away from any harmful environmental elements that may ruin the beauty or colors of your jewelry. This way, once you wear your jewelry, it’ll still look as clean and pretty as it did when you bought it.

If you think a resealable bag is too simple, you can also add a drawstring pouch to the mix. These drawstring pouches are cheap and they can be printed out with your business’ logo and contact details for future advertisement purposes. A pouch can help you to add design to the jewelry’s packaging. You can also choose pouches according to its colors and sizes. Pouches are usually used when selling earrings, bracelets or costume rings.

On the other hand, if a resealable bag and pouch is too much, you can always use small boxes to place your jewelry inside. Usually, jewelry display suppliers can provide these jewelry boxes ready-made in various colors just for your jewelry. Each box also contains cushions that will protect your jewelry from scratches. Once you’ve placed the jewelry inside the box, you can wrap it with colored ribbons to add aesthetics to the package. Boxes are the best choices for packing rings, earrings and necklace from jewelry displays (especially engagement and wedding rings).


To finish off your packaging for your jewelry, you can add a tote bag to the mix. Tote bags are small, elegantly and creatively designed paper bags which can easily carry jewelry boxes or pouches. This way, customers can bring their jewelry fashionably, wherever they want.


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