How to Sell on the 4th of July

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How to Sell on the 4th of July by

While everyone is down at the park or local fair celebrating the 4th of July, those with businesses will have to take advantage of the occasion, in order to sell more. Since 4th of July means that half of the country will be on holiday, this only means more profit for those in the business of selling goods.

This means stores that sell food, clothes, jewelry and necklace display stands will have to stay open, even on the most awaited celebration of the year. But as a sales business, how can you attract more customers and stand out among your competitors?

Here are a few marketing strategies you may want to try:  

Make bulk sales by creating product bundles

Although a popular marketing strategy, businesses still use this opportunity and bundle up 4th of July appropriate items for a discounted price. Shops can put together essential items or even complementary products and sell it as a package, attracting those who love discounted items. Not only will businesses get to make bulk sales, they can also attract more people to their store for the special day.

 Strategically cut down on prices

Even if this is a common marketing strategy, people will still patronize the store – especially if the rate of discount is big enough to attract attention. Businesses can either cut down on prices or settle on marketing strategies like “buy two, take one” or “buy two, get a freebie” to attract the attention of customers. Discounts are definitely appreciated during the 4th of July holiday, so offering these will be beneficial for the business.  

Setting up a 4th of July themed store

In order to attract attention, not only should the business focus on discounts and bulk sales, but they should also make sure that the shop itself is attractive to customers. Make customers feel the 4th of July celebration by setting up decorations in the store. Get themed, unique jewelry display or blue and red hangers for your items to match the celebration of the nation.

Basically, in order to sell on one of the widely celebrated holidays in the country, you have to attract customers first with your 4th of July decorations and then keep them interested with your sales and discounts.


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