How to Choose What Type of Jewelry to Sell at Your Jewelry Shop

Managing a jewelry store can be fascinating and frustrating at the same time. There are so many things you have to take care of, so many things to do, in order to keep your customers interested, all the time. One of the things you’ll need to do is find, buy or make the type of jewelry to sell at your jewelry shop.


While jewelry makers can easily sell their own pieces, sometimes they’ll have to consider co-signing or re-selling pieces from other collections. In order to figure out the type of jewelry to display, you’ll need to answer these two questions first:

What kind of jewelry shop are you setting up?

The answer to this question greatly relies on what jewelry pieces to sell. If you happen to own a jewelry shop that sells only genuine jewelry, then you may want to consider selling designer lines. There are also several lines catered to a celebrity’s fashion sense and you can make use of this to attract fans of actors and actresses. Jewelry lines like the Style of Jolie, a collaboration between the actress Angelina Jolie, herself and Robert Procop, not only attracts attention, but also shares credibility and reputation from the fashion icon herself.

If you own a traditional jewelry shop with unique pieces, you can also collaborate with other jewelry makers, in order to make another unique line and attract more customers. Be sure to stock up on jewelry supplies for your creative pieces. This way, your shop can offer more designs and styles to your customers.

What kind of jewelry display do you have at your shop?

This is an important question because it will also measure the capacity of your jewelry store. Sure, you’ve bought wholesale jewelry displays already, but if you’re planning to expand and maybe add variety to your jewelry, will your racks and towers handle the type and amount of jewelry you’re about to add? If you’ve signed on to sell a new type of jewelry line, will it fit the acrylic hands, mini necklace and pendant display and mannequins in your store? Or do you have to buy new displays?

Remember, setting up shop is not an easy process and it is a continuous learning experience. Not only will you have to consider the latest trends, you’ll also have to consider your budget.


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