4 Ways to Creatively Wrap Your Jewelry

Having an interesting and creative jewelry display has its perks for store owners. However, if you can provide various ways for people to wrap their jewelry, you might just have an edge over other jewelry stores. Depending on the specific dates and occasions, here are some creative ideas for you to wrap your jewelry (at the request and possible additional fee for the customer, of course).

1. Popular for rings, you can put the ring in a small box and have it wrapped nicely. Then put this box in another slightly bigger box with a different wrapper again. Once you've finished, put the bigger box in another bigger box and continue doing until the box is much, much bigger than its original size. Have the box wrapped, exquisitely before handing it back to the customer. Not only does the size throw off the recipient of the gift, the unwrapping process is also a fun activity.

2. Using bottles as your wrapper may be insane, but very creative as well. Tie the jewelry (most recommended – rings or earrings) with a long lace, ribbon or a strong piece of yarn. Push the jewelry into a clean bottle of wine or champagne and tie the end of the lace or ribbon outside of the bottle. Wrap the bottle nicely with shiny wrappers and ribbons so the recipient would have no idea what they’re actually receiving.

3. By using a paper towel holder, wrap the ring or small piece of jewelry and place it inside the holder. Decorate the holder with colorful confetti so that once the recipient starts looking for the gift, the confetti will start flying around, creating a slightly cheesy, but definitely romantic way to open up a gift.

4. When you’re using jewelry boxes or other supplies, use bubble wrap to provide a little mystery to the gift and allow the recipient to have some fun while opening the gift.

If you happen to be using the tip #1 in this article, you can also add bubble wrap to the mix so it’ll be harder for them to open and find the gift for themselves.

Some people who buy jewelry don’t have all the time to wrap it up themselves. Maybe you can think of offering special wrapping services to help your customers present creative and romantic gifts to their loved ones.


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