3 Reasons Your Jewelry Display Can Get You More Sales at Trade Shows

When setting up for a trade show booth, you have to consider several things to ensure that your booth is a success. While your budget and jewelry to sell are both essential to setting up a trade show booth, it will be your necklace display stands, earring holders or watch display boxrs that can do a lot to get you more sales.

Here are three reasons why you should get attractive and eccentric jewelry displays:

1. Setting up a portable jewelry booth is not easy, especially in a trade show where you will be competing with several other jewelry booths who may or may not sell the same things as you do. By using various easy-set-up display towers and trays, you won’t have to worry about bringing in heavy equipment or taking long hours just to make sure that you get a functional and attractive display. Earring towers can easily be folded so when you set up and pack up, you can do so with the earrings still hanging on them. This saves you a lot of time and effort.

2. Having towers and trays to openly display your jewelry also allows customers and passersby to easily see your jewelry. They won’t have to ask you if you have a similar piece or a specific type of jewelry. Not only that, if the jewelry is freely displayed, customers can pick them up to check it out or try it on. Usually, this is how a customer decides if they want to buy something. If the jewelry feels and looks nice on them, only then will they decide to shell out some cash. It’ll also be wise to have mirrors set up in your booth too.

3. When you’re in a trade show competing with many others for the attention of your customers, you need to be creative in order to attract customers. The only way you can do this is to set up your jewelry with a unique display. The more creative and the more unique your display is, the more they’ll find themselves attracted to your booth. The best way to get your display noticed is to make sure that your jewelry gets displayed openly, in a creative theme, with a variety of display equipment.

If you need to find display items for your next trade show expo, Nilecorp offers a wide variety of jewelry display and packaging items to make your booth as unique as possible.

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