3 Important Types of Jewelry Display Stands for Your Shop

Setting up shop must not be easy, especially for those who don’t have a lot of experience with business or selling jewelry. Jewelry sellers have to be blessed, not only with the talent of making jewelry, but with creativity as well, in order to ensure that the shop being set up will greatly mirror the type of jewelry to be sold. But before you can open up shop, you’ll also have to consider the different types of jewelry display stands that you may need.

Display stands for necklaces

There are several types of jewelry display cases to store necklaces. All you have to do is pick the one that will suit your store and budget most. The most common type of display for necklaces are those in mini-boxes, decorated with a soft back for proper placing, along with earrings and bracelets for sets. You may also want to consider purchasing necklace display boards, which have a stand at the back so the necklace can lay and be properly displayed to customers. For those with bigger budgets, an acrylic neck display may be worth purchasing too.

Display stands for earrings

Earrings are easier to display too, but it takes creativity to make a pair of jewelry stand out among the rest. Usual choices for earring displays are hook rotators and earring boards. However, shop owners can also use wire displays so the earrings will be more appropriately displayed above the counter. Another option would be those rotating towers, which serves as a convenient display for a number of earrings.

Display stands for bracelets

Usually, owners will purchase bracelet ramps in order to display their collection of bracelets. But nowadays, if there is a neck display for necklaces, there’s also an acrylic hand display where you can easily set up bracelets on make-shift wrists just to show customers how the bracelet looks when worn. These are definitely more expensive; however, customers appreciate jewelry more when they can see it worn on a wrist, even if it’s only a display.

If you’re also selling very expensive pieces of jewelry, attaché cases are the best way to get them on display and protect it from any environment risks.

Once you have your jewelry display cases and stands, you’re now ready to start designing your shop.


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