Yes, You Need a Jewelry Display

Some time ago, we talked about the elements of a successful jewelry display. But then, have we really ever tackled why a good jewelry display is needed?

And contrary to popular belief, having a good jewelry display is not just for those who have spots in malls. It’s for everyone selling jewelry – even if you are just starting out in the biz.

Let’s take for example that you were able to source out the most amazing pieces of jewelry at outrageously low prices. Even with a 100% mark up, your goods are still lower than your competitors. Exciting, isn’t it? A whole new world of business opportunities awaits you. You look for trade fairs, craft fairs, neighborhood bazaars, and other places where you can sell your jewelry. You finally settled in one fair, set your table up, and even lined it with a gorgeous cloth that would show off the colors of your jewelry. You carefully lay your jewelry onto the surface and neatly organized them into sections of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and what have you’s. With a welcoming smile plastered on your face, you eagerly wait for customers to crowd in your amazing loot.


One… two… three... twenty people pass you by. You force a smile as more customers come in. Yet, they just pass you by as if you were non-existent.

Such a pretty grim picture, isn’t it? You’ve got great goods to sell at amazing prices, yet people are just whizzing past you.

No, the problem does not lie in your jewelry. It lies in your presentation. You may have your pieces organized flat on the table, but really, it is an organized mess.

Hence, the dire need for a good jewelry display.

People are visual in nature. Their eyes are attracted to different visual elements, and a good necklace display  stand will give you just that. Height variation breaks out the monotony. It captures the wandering eyes of a passerby and lures them to take a closer look. Play around with the many jewelry displays out there – from jewelry boxes, necklace busts, earring racks, ring trays, bracelet holders, and more.

Now that you’ve found out the beauty and importance of a good jewelry display, you need to practice balance and restraint. It’s easy to get carried away with some of the cute, unusual, and whimsical jewelry displays so don’t overdo it. You may have graduated from an organized mess, please don’t go to being an overwhelming, cluttered, and busy mess. Not 100% of your goods have to be in some type of a display. 

Remember, your jewelry is still the star of the show. Your display should highlight them, not over-power them.

With the right display for your necklace, rings, earrings, watches and pendants, you no longer have to force a smile to people passing you by. You’ll be smiling at them as they swarm to you.

Happy selling!


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