Elements of Successful Jewelry Displays

Jewelry displays should have one purpose: to attract customers.

Attracting customers should be easy enough – except that each customer has a particular preference on what may or may not be attractive. If you are in the jewelry business, it is crucial to determine the formula for sparking people’s interest.

To start you on that formula, here are our expert tips on what makes successful jewelry displays.

1. Effective jewelry displays fade into the background. This is because it properly serves its purpose – to highlight the jewelry in the best way possible. Of course, design and construction aesthetics are key elements that contribute to a successful jewelry display so don’t leave it all up to the background.

2. Effective jewelry displays reflect the preference of the targeted customer. This means using props when necessary. Personality can also be reflected in the way texture is brought out into play. Check out catalogues. The idea is not to imitate the way jewelry is presented but to get an overall feel of what makes an effective display. If it makes you look, then it probably works.

3. Effective jewelry displays show restraint. Like we said earlier, the jewelry should be the star. So a cluttered display defeats the entire purpose of showing it. If you have more than one creative idea, try using each one of them for different displays, not all at once. The last thing you want to do is overwhelm an unsure customer.

4. Effective jewelry displays have a concept. This can be a thematic color that runs across the displays (just make sure it is appropriate for the kind of jewelry you are presenting) or a design concept. For example, you can creatively use fabric for your displays. Note: Do not use more than three elements. You are straddling the fine line between creative and cluttered.

The best test of effectiveness is you. Think like a customer. And keep reading this blog for more helpful tips.

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